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Axialis MediaBrowser



45-Char Description

View, Play, Manage your media files.

1-Line Description

Use a powerful tool to browse, view, play and manage your media files.

Short Description

Axialis MediaBrowser is a powerful tool designed to search, manage, view or play media files. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and manage your media files with ease.

Mid-Size Description

Axialis MediaBrowser is a powerful tool designed to search, manage, view or play media files. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and manage your media files with ease. It is compatible with more than 50 file formats. A built-in librarian lets you easily manage all your media files.

Full Description

Axialis MediaBrowser has been designed to let you easily manage your media files. It will be very helpful to you to organize and retrieve your favorite media files. But that's not all! It will also be your daily companion to view, play and print your images, movies and sounds. With its built-in thumbnail explorer (with image and movie previews), browsing your computer folders for media files will be a child's play! You can even create slideshows that mix several media types. It includes so many features! For example you can print a folder contents or print an image and create a poster.

The application has a fully integrated workspace. All the tools are easily available on screen. The interface is multi-documents enabled. It means that you can display or play many files in several visible windows.

Compatible: The application is compatible with more than 50 file formats: Video files (AVI, ASF, MPEG, MOV, RAM...), Image Files (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, QTI...), Sound and Music Files (MP3, WAV, MID, MOD, S3M, WMA...), Animations (FLI, FLC, Animated GIF, Shockwave Flash SWF...), Web Files (HTM, DHTML, ASP...), Icons and Cursors (ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL...) and more...

An ergonomic tool: All is visible and easy to access in the main window: A built in dockable media files librarian to manage your files, a powerful explorer with thumbnail preview to explore your hard disks or CD, an ergonomic Explorer® like toolbar with a Recently Used Files bar, a multi-document support, a customizable interface.

The application has been designed to be the most ergonomic as possible. An action can always be done using several methods. For example, to add a media file in the librarian you can use a standard command, the mouse by Drag & Drop or the Clipboard by Copy/Paste. With Axialis MediaBrowser you work the way you like!

Powerful Librarian with previews: Use a powerful librarian to easily manage your collection of media files. This is a dockable window (which can be hidden) where you can store, move, copy and extract all the files you're using in your work (images, video clips, sounds and songs). It supports many functions : copy, move, rename, full drag & drop support, multiple import/export, selective display, attach keywords, and comments to files, search engine....

Find media files in seconds: Three search engines have been implemented. The Librarian search engine to easily find the media files you stored in the librarian using your own search criteria (title, author, keywords...). The Computer search engine to find the media files that are stored on your computer disks (using filename, size, date...). The Internet search engine: to find media files worldwide using a the major media search engines on Internet.

Create instant slideshows: Using the file Explorer or the Librarian, you can select several files and create instant slideshows. You can even mix different types of media files (image, video, music).


multimedia, image, video, animation, sound, music, slideshow, image viewer, multimedia slideshow, multimedia explorer, multimedia manager, multimedia finder, multimedia browser, multimedia thumbnail .

Windows® Compatibility

Windows® XP/2000/ME/98/NT4/95

Tryout Limitations

Tryout Messages, Import/Export limited to 5 files.

Tryout Remarks

30-day Trial Period (still working after the trial period).

Upgrade Policy


Installed Size

Approx. 8 MB

Installer Provided

Yes, with full uninstallation support


Distribution Files

Tryout Install Files (EXE)

Size: 4.0MB - Type: EXE - Content: Tryout Install - Language: English

http://dl.filekicker.com/send/file/154738-DPYB/axmediabrowser.exe (HTTP)

ftp://ftp.axdn.com/redist/axmediabrowser.exe (FTP)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmediabrowser.exe (HTTP)

Tryout Install Files (ZIP)

Size: 3.8MB - Type: ZIP - Content: Tryout Install+ReadMe - Language: English

ftp://ftp.axdn.com/redist/axmediabrowser.zip (FTP)

Screen Shots

Images can be resized/cropped as needed.

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_f.jpg (fullscreen shot)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_p.jpg (screen overview with texts)

Program Icon

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_i.gif (GIF - 48x48)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_i.bmp (BMP - 48x48)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_i.ico (ICO - several formats)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_i.png (transparent PNG - 48x48)

Program Logo

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_logo.jpg (JPEG - 400x300)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_logo.png (transparent PNG - 400x300)

Retail Boxes

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_box.jpg (small - 100x100)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_box_l.jpg (large - 180x180)

http://www.axdn.com/redist/axmb_box_xl.jpg (extra large - 270x300)


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