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Axialis is a software company founded in 1989. We create Windows based applications. Our goal is to make powerful and easy-to-use applications for home users, professionals and companies.

All our products are Shareware, which is a means of distributing software on a "try before you buy" basis. With this method we are sure that the program you buy meets your needs. If you're interested with a program of our catalog, you can buy it directly from DigiBuy® Secure Web Server - a division or Digital River® - using your credit card. You will be registered and will receive a personal link do download a fully-working version in a few minutes.

This direct selling method permits us to sell our products at very low prices. Last but not least, we offer a lifetime license with our products.


1, rue de Stockholm
75008 Paris

: (33) 1 4470-7189 (France)
: (1) 435-518-5206 (USA)







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