This Distribution Kit provides you all the technical components you need to distribute Tryout Versions of Axialis programs on Cover Discs, Websites...

For each program, several files are available: executable install, packed install, screen Shot, icon and more. You will also find information about our company.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding please read the Tryout Version Distribution Agreement..

Icon creation has evolved. Use the industry standard to create, convert and export icons like never before.

Create icons for Windows Vista™
Microsoft Windows Vista™ supports 256x256 PNG compressed icons. Start creating icons for Windows Vista™ today with IconWorkshop™.

One tool for all your needs
Axialis IconWorkshop™ is a professional tool for Windows® designed to create, edit, extract, convert and manage your icons in a fully integrated workspace.

Compatible with industry standards
Use plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator® to transfer images directly into IconWorkshop™ and make your icon in a few clicks.

Use professional technics to make your icons
Using Photoshop® Templates, create your icons like a professional icon designer. You can even create your own templates.

Create icons for Windows® and Macintosh®
Axialis IconWorkshop™ is the only editor which permits to create icons for Windows® and Macintosh® (up to 512x512 for Leopard). It features instant conversions and supports MacBinary file format for easy transfers.

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This new version raises the bar for what you should expect from a screensaver maker.

Create all kinds of screensavers based on Sprites (animated objects), Flash®, Slideshows and Video clips.
No complicated settings. All has been designed to let you be productive and get results in minutes. Files are compatible with all Windows® versions. Create and distribute screensavers free of charge.

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Personalize the look and feel of Windows® by making and customizing your mouse pointers.

With Axialis AX-Cursors create, manage and distribute static and animated cursors! Now you can create fabulous cursor libraries, compile them and distribute them as self-executable files! You can also change the Windows® standard pointers by the cursors you've made. Exclusive feature: Create cursors from FLI/FLC animations.

Get all you need to distribute this product...